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mediagroup 8

We create video and films

mediagroup 8

We create video and films 

Commercial for ILIOS

Commercial for “PRIME” company

SCANIA – replenishment of the car park “MK” MEAT “

Video for WATERPRO

Children’s musical film “Dronya`s artifices”

Company presentation video for “Ipris-Profil”

Corporate film for the “Lekhim” company

Series of official travel video

Promo video for the Kharkiv Tractor Plant


Filming studio Mediagroup 8 - Production in Kharkiv

Mediagroup 8 is a full-cycle production studio. The only video studio in Kharkiv, that has a full set of filming equipment and its own studio for video filming. The backbone of the creative team has remained unchanged for over 10 years. And in video production, experience and teamwork are the keys to success.

You can order from us a presentation video, a corporate film, a production video, a commercial, and a video review. Shoot on a chroma key and order an online stream. The choice of the format depends on how we will work to bring your idea to life.

Stages of video production at Mediagroup studio 8

The natural desire of the client is to learn more about how a particular production studio works, and only then decide whether to order a video from him. We respect this desire, so we will tell you a little about how we work on each project.

Any project begins with a letter or a call from the customer to the production department of the studio. The client gives a technical task that reveals the features and / or style and / or the size of the budget.

Stage 1. Pre-production

  • detailed concept development
  • script writing
  • preliminary departure to the shooting location (optional)
  • writing voice-overs / actors lines (optional)
  • casting (optional)
  • work with decorations, props, costumes (optional)

Stage 2. Production

Production – direct video shooting or filming. The length of this period depends on many factors. For example, one and the same object can be shot in completely different ways, and, accordingly, different time will be spent on shooting.

The same video review can be shooted in a few hours, provided that the filming takes place on a cyclorama in the studio.

But it will take more than one day to shoot a full-fledged commercial with various locations and several actors.

Stage 3. Postproduction

  • editing
  • color correction
  • selection of musical compositions
  • voiceover (optional)
  • 2D and 3D graphics creation (optional)

Stage 4. Delivery of finished material to the client

During the video production process, we constantly communicate with clients. The client always has the opportunity to add edits and adjustments. All key points are agreed with the client, be it a concept, or graphics, or a voiceover, or an actor for a specific role.

Price for creating video content

The cost of producing a presentation video, commercials, film depends on many factors:

  • number of shooting days
  • involved filming equipment
  • location specifics
  • number of crew members
  • time spent on post-production
  • the presence of voiceover
  • the presence of musical accompaniment, etc.

Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about a single price for creating videos, it will be different for each project. Also, the advertising budget for each company is unique. As a rule, the client announces in advance an approximate budget that he is ready to spend on creating video content. And only after that we choose the format and develop the concept of the future video.

How to order video filming

Click on one of the buttons and select your communication format:

– You can fill a simple contact form

– or just call the Production department.